Take advantage of Plant Discounts

As we all know Winter may or may not be behind us.  There are still ways we can spruce up the garden now without having to worry about a freeze.  Pansies are typically planted in the fall as they can survive the Winter.  That being said many garden centers have them on major sale right […]

Weeds, Weeds go away

As you know we have had a pretty mild winter so far.  (Please note…so far) And you are probably noticing the weeds already popping up.  You can take steps now to rid your lawn of this annoyance.  The one good thing is that some of these weeds will be choked out once  your grass starts […]

Rain, Rain Bring it on

I notice this time of year that people are still watering their lawns.  This is the one time of year we can give our natural resources a break.  A lawn only needs about an inch of water each month.  I know your thinking how do I measure that?  Honestly, I don’t.  However, we turned off […]

Vertical Gardening

We are quickly approaching February so it is a good time to start planning out your garden.  Spring will be here before you know it.  I have seen a lot of talk on vertical gardening and I really like the concept.  The great thing about vertical gardening is that sometimes we need a little height, […]

Christmas Cactus

Hello All, We were at my parents this past weekend for the holidays and as usual my mom’s plants are in full bloom (the ones in season of course).  Her plants are the all blooming.  Needless to say we had a very rainy and gray Christmas Eve, but nothing a little Christmas cactus can’t brighten […]

Get ready for the cold

It is that time of year where we have to deal with freezing temperatures. According to the weather, we might start seeing these freezing temps again Friday. No worries.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind. Cover your outdoor faucets Turn off your sprinkler system Make sure that your beds are watered prior […]

Herbs…A nice Holiday surprise

Now that the weather is cooling down (and in some places freezing) fresh herbs are more difficult to grow in your garden.  Not to mention the holidays are quickly approaching us.  The perfect gift for the gardener and cook in your family is an herb wreath.  There are several websites where you can purchase these, […]

Golden Rain Tree…a blooming beauty

The Golden Rain Tree is absolutely amazing.  This tree is native to eastern Asia and was introduced to the United States by Thomas Jefferson who received seeds from Madame de Tesse, a correspondent from France.  For more history on the plant visit,  http://www.arhomeandgarden.org/plantoftheweek/articles/Golden_Raintree.htm My mom reminded me of this plant over the Thanksgiving holidays.  She […]


Happy Monday! I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying this cooler weather.  It brings on the feeling of fall/winter.  Today we are going to address a question from Crista. Here goes…Hope you don’t mind my question but I need help with my orchid. The stem is going brown and it’s not blooming. Ideas? […]

Perk up those fresh cut flowers a little longer

We all love fresh cut flowers and as we are moving into the holiday season will probably be enjoying them a little more.  I recently read in Good Housekeeping that if you put a penny and a pinch of sugar into the vase of fresh water your flowers will be perkier longer.  I have in […]