More Planters

Planters are so fun.  They are easy to maintain and fun to update based on the season.  These two planters welcome our guests.  Actually, most of our guests come to the back door so I guess you could say these two planters greet our mailman.  Hopefully our mailman enjoys them.  Folllowing the winter our planters were dead.   […]

The Divide – Asparagus Fern

Here goes.  More clean up, clean up.  As we discuss getting our lawn ready for Spring we also need to think about our plants in containers and pots.  It is very simple. In the below photo the bottom right picture was the asparagus fern before the divide and then see it in the basket after […]

Prepare your lawn for Spring

Good Morning!  Believe it or not it is time to prepare your lawn for Spring.  I know the weather in Dallas this week is not inspiring, but it is time.  How to begin preparing: 1. Clean Up 2. Fertilize 3. Stop Weeds 4. Mulch I say clean up first because if you have a lot […]

Views Like This

There is no time like the present — get outside now and start enjoying the fabulous weather.  Side note:  It is Texas and I haven’t been outside since 8am so if the sunshine has momentarily left us and the thunderstorms have rolled in, just know this will all move out as quickly as it moved […]

Add spice to your office

If your work space needs a little life, add a plant.  In my opinion indoor plants can be very difficult — not enough sun and easy to over water.  I do best with Ivy, Orchids and most succulents.  It doesn’t have to be a big statement, a small plant in a cute pot is all […]

Spruce up with Pansies

If you want to spruce up your flower pots, hanging baskets or flower beds you should look into planting some pansies.  They will survive any freeze that might come our way and they will add great color.  Pansies should last until May or June and then the heat gets to be too much for them.  […]

Perk up your Amaryllis

I’m sure many of you received an Amaryllis bulb kit for the Holidays.  And many of you are probably noticing your Amaryllis drooping.  Not to worry. It is an easy fix.  If your Amaryllis still has blooms and you want to keep it around a little bit longer simply place a small stake in the pot and […]

Enjoy year around blooms – indoors – with orchids

If you don’t have an orchid, get one.  Orchids are amazing and quite simple.  Here is an orchid that we received as a gift 2.5 years ago and it blooms over and over again.  Here is the secret.  Place your orchid in a window and keep it there.  Mine is in my kitchen window that […]

Share the mint

I’m sure you have spent good money on herbs, used a bit of it and then thrown the rest out.  Typically because you put the leftover mint in the fridge and forget about it and then by the time you need it again it is beyond use. It happens to the best of us. A […]

Mosquito fighting plant

For the past several years I have known the Citronella plant (aka Pelargonium citrosum, citrosa geranium, mosquito plant) to be a mosquito fighting plant. Nurseries and gardeners alike rave about the plants mosquito fighting qualities.  However, the American Botanical Council did a study and reported that it has some of the essential oils to fight […]