Favorite Baby Products

Since I have several friends having babies I thought it might be beneficial for them if I brought back to life my favorite list.  I have to say that I am a minimalist, when it comes to baby products.  I will be objective for those of you product junkies.  Okay…now that I have finished typing […]

Take the products

A girl I work with recently came back from maternity leave and she was talking about all the baby products in the hospital room and a disagreement she had with her mom.  When I went into the hospital to have Nicholas several friends told me to take the diapers, pads, etc.  I felt a little […]

winter skincare

Good Morning All and Happy Monday! Last week was crazy as I’m sure many of you experience this time of year and all year for that matter.  I really missed this blogging thing. Here goes, This time of year we all experience dry skin due to the cold weather and from running the heater.  Babies […]

Get more bang for your buck

When you bring home your sweet baby you also bring home additional expenses.  Here are few ways to help ease the pain.   Take advantage of your diaper/wipes rewards program, both Huggies and Pampers have one. We use pampers and last year we were able to buy our holiday pictures. Join Babies R Us Rewards […]

Best ever diaper rash cream

I think our little one must be cutting some two year molars early.  There is lots of drool, fingers in mouth and more poo than usual.  And with more poo comes diaper rash. On a normal day we just use diaper rash cream. When it gets a little worse we do a layer of Aquaphor […]

Baby Products Galore

If you haven’t already noticed you soon will that the amount of baby products available is overwhelming.  The first time my husband and I walked into Babies R Us we turned around and walked right back out.  After that I decided to reach out to my friends with babies and get advice from them regarding […]