Parents to be – Get to class

Every new parent has varying degrees of baby experience some have never been around babies and others come from a family of 4.  Not to worry, there are a million ways to help you prepare for that new little nugget.  Check with the hospital where you will be delivering or your OBG and they will […]

Fall is the perfect time for planting

Happy Halloween!!! Nothing like the present to plant new trees, shrubs and flowers.  By planting in the Fall you allow the roots to take hold and become stronger getting them ready for the following Summer’s heat. Evergreens  are great for a Winter garden because they do not lose their leaves.  In case you are wondering, an evergreen is a […]

Trick or Treat

Wow!  Can you believe Halloween is only 3 days away?   If you are looking for family friendly activities this weekend for all ages there are quite a few to choose from.  Check out local parks, recreation centers and churches too.  Below are a few in the DFW area that might be fun and are family friendly. If […]

Clean up time

Now that the weather is nice it is time to begin cleaning up the lawn.  Pull the weeds, trim the shrubs, clean up those plants that were beat up a bit this summer by the 110 degree temperatures.  Sometimes plants that look completely dead may actually surprise you and come back next Spring or they […]


We are pregnant with baby #2 so you would think we had everything down to a T.  We’ve done this before, right?  I guess there is something to be learned with each pregnancy and sometimes it is the same lesson twice. In the months leading up to your bundle of joy joining your family there […]

Feed, Stimulate and Prevent Weeds

 3 Easy Steps for Texas Fall Lawn Care Below is a recent article I received from Calloway’s Nursery.  A good rule of thumb I have heard in the past is that you should fertilize in March, June and October.  Here we are…October.  Some years I am good about multiple steps and some years I only […]

Here’s to a new journey

I decided to start blogging because I love to share information, the good, the bad and the ugly.  The key is that I am not afraid of the bad or the ugly!  Here is how it all started.  Since the day I moved into my first apartment in college I have loved plants.  Stay tuned […]