Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Sometimes we get so busy and so focused on our annual Thanksgiving traditions we forget what we are thankful for or to even be thankful.  We all have something to be thankful for.  Maybe it’s a best friend that is always there for us, family, health, a warm meal, a […]

Best ever diaper rash cream

I think our little one must be cutting some two year molars early.  There is lots of drool, fingers in mouth and more poo than usual.  And with more poo comes diaper rash. On a normal day we just use diaper rash cream. When it gets a little worse we do a layer of Aquaphor […]

Tis the season to give back

Throughout the year I frequently put on my mental to do list that we should schedule a family weekend to give back to the community.  Maybe habitat for humanity, adopt a family, serve food at a homeless shelter, etc.  However, it seems like the weekends book up and the year flies by and then it […]

How do you discipline a young toddler?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying the weather.  It is starting to feel like fall.  I don’t love the time change, but the weather is great. If you have a 16 to 24 month old you will probably relate to this.  Now that Nicholas is 16.5 months he definitely […]

Baby Products Galore

If you haven’t already noticed you soon will that the amount of baby products available is overwhelming.  The first time my husband and I walked into Babies R Us we turned around and walked right back out.  After that I decided to reach out to my friends with babies and get advice from them regarding […]

Parents to be – Get to class

Every new parent has varying degrees of baby experience some have never been around babies and others come from a family of 4.  Not to worry, there are a million ways to help you prepare for that new little nugget.  Check with the hospital where you will be delivering or your OBG and they will […]

Trick or Treat

Wow!  Can you believe Halloween is only 3 days away?   If you are looking for family friendly activities this weekend for all ages there are quite a few to choose from.  Check out local parks, recreation centers and churches too.  Below are a few in the DFW area that might be fun and are family friendly. If […]


We are pregnant with baby #2 so you would think we had everything down to a T.  We’ve done this before, right?  I guess there is something to be learned with each pregnancy and sometimes it is the same lesson twice. In the months leading up to your bundle of joy joining your family there […]

Here’s to a new journey

I decided to start blogging because I love to share information, the good, the bad and the ugly.  The key is that I am not afraid of the bad or the ugly!  Here is how it all started.  Since the day I moved into my first apartment in college I have loved plants.  Stay tuned […]