Pool Area Refresh

My favorite part about Hen and Chix is helping to transform someone’s lawn.  I had so much fun working with the Ross family to freshen up their pool area.  Our kiddos played, we bonded and in the end they had a fresh space to spend their Summer.

We started by trimming back the ground cover, shrubs and trees.  It opened up the space so much.  Don’t be afraid to trim back your shrubs.

I’m a huge believer in planting a combination of seasonal plants with those that will withstand the winter.  No one wants to start from scratch every Spring.

Here are before and after photos where ground cover is trimmed back.  It is simple, doesn’t cost anything and makes a big difference.  I like simple!  The next photo we cleaned up the ground cover and added in some color.



You can easily add a splash of color to your pool space with planters.  We were thrifty with our plants.  Most of the plants used were split and allowed us to fill more than one planter.  It is very easy to split a plant, see my former post for step-by-step directions, https://www.henandchix.com/2011/11/the-plant-divide/ or https://www.henandchix.com/2013/02/the-divide-asparagus-fern/.

IMG_3224 IMG_3225

The BIG REVEAL.  The beds were a pretty clean slate for us, and there were elements in the garden we were able to use. We used the garden stool as a center piece.  Add in some fun whimsical pieces into your garden.  They add character, take up space and don’t die.

I also brought cannas and day lilies from my garden to help fill in and make it budget friendly.

IMG_3222 IMG_3223

Always remember to add a fresh layer of mulch.  It makes a huge difference in appearance, helps hold the moisture in when in it is crazy hot and protects the roots in the Winter when it is freezing cold.  An all around win-win.

The Ross family was so fun to work with.  I hope they have enjoyed their colorful and inviting backyard.

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