Your plants might still have life

Don’t give up hope on your plants.  Not yet!  Our season is late getting started and what looks completely dead might just surprise you.  You just need a little patience.  And for those of you that know me, I’m sure you are laughing since I’m not patient in most situations.

The tree pictured here is a Red Bud tree we planted last year.  It was almost 6 feet tall and then the ice storm hit and broke our lovely tree in half.  We cut the broken portion off and hoped for the best.  There are now about five or six blooms on it.  Hopefully it will start growing branches in the next few weeks.

Also pictured: a fern, hibiscus and an Oxalis.  Just a couple weeks ago these plants were dirt only.  I was hoping they would come back.

I still have a hand full of plants that simply look like dirt.  I’m hoping for a day of growth and only time will tell.  Of course there will be a point I give up and plant something else.

Share some pictures of plants in your garden that are starting to show life.  IMG_2881

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