Thrifty and Green Gardening

Thrifty and Green GardeningGardening does not have to break the bank.  I am a huge believer in sharing plants.  Just follow these three simple steps: Dig it up, split it up and share it.

When you are cleaning up your lawn and thinning out plants think twice before you toss it.  Now, if it is a weed – please toss it.

Some plants that are easily split and shared are: Succulents, Cannas, Mexican Petunias, Day Lilies, Ferns and many grass varieties.  These are just a few, there are many more.

Here are some photos of a Christmas cactus that had outgrown its pot.  I split it into 3 full plants and one pot of clippings.  The key thing to remember is to split the plant at the roots.  This plant was a gift from my mom, an offspring from her Christmas cactus.  You can see a picture of my mom’s Christmas Cactus (in full bloom) in this previous post,

Here are photos taken throughout the divide process.

This is where we started.  The plant had gotten so large the pot kept falling over.








In this photo we identified the areas where we could cut the soil and keep the root and stems in tact. Here is the plant divided into several full size plants.  I ended up with three full size plants and one pot with clippings.





And here are two of the plants, finished products.



 Happy Monday!  Happy Gardening!


  1. 1

    Katy says

    Loved my Christmas Cactus offspring over the past winter! It was the one thing that was green and blooming! It’s not looking super happy now though.

    • 2

      Stacie says

      Katy, Your Christmas Cactus should perk up with the warmer weather. I’m so glad it gave you blooms this past Winter. Love it and it will bloom again. Also, make sure it gets sun during the summer. Even if it isn’t direct sun. It needs sun to bloom again.

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