Think Earth Day, Always

Spring has sprung and Earth Day is here.  If you didn’t know, Earth Day was officially yesterday, April 22nd.

There are events happening around the city to celebrate the day and week.  It’s good to have a reminder to celebrate this amazing planet we call home.  One thing I think nature struggles with in our modern world is finding support and value with people.  We get so disconnected from nature I think we convince ourselves it doesn’t really matter.  We live in climate controlled houses, go to the store to buy food, turn on the faucet for water, and have a drawer filled with outdated phones and iPods. We take our natural resources for granted!  It’s easy to do.  We have lost our connection to how everything is made and the amount of natural resources it takes to have all of our stuff and lifestyles.

I realize that I’m probably on the soapbox now but …. Clean air, clean drinking water and preserving open spaces doesn’t magically happen.  We have to see value in them and make a choice to maintain what we have left.  I hope we don’t love material things more than we love nature.

Our challenge is to get connected!  How do you feel connected to nature?

If you want to celebrate Earth Day there are several events this weekend,

PS. Thanks to Stacie for the comment on my last post and the suggestion for adding lady bugs to my garden.  My plants are on the road to recovery.  Down with the aphids!


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