It’s Earth Day, Celebrate

WEarthDayTipshat a great thing to celebrate, our beautiful earth! We have Mountains, Lakes, Hills, Rivers, Beaches, Wildlife and Plants of all kinds.

We have regulations set forth in our country so we have cleaner air to breathe and safe water to drink.  We should all be very thankful for this.  Not everyone has this.  There are cities where the smog is so bad you you cannot even see the block in front of you. I am all for supporting enterprise and business growth, but all while protecting our earth and health.

My favorite things about our earth is the beauty of it all and the peacefulness of a garden, a park, a hiking trail, and even a fishing hole.

Take a couple minutes to think about your favorite things on earth.

Here are a few steps to think about taking to help make a difference.  They all seem simple, but I catch myself washing dishes and the water is running unnecessarily. I’m sure there is an opportunity for us to all do a little better!

What is your favorite thing about our earth?




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      Stacie says

      Thanks Gita! I agree, birds are great. I love watching them out my office window. This year robins have nested in our back yard. I love them!

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