Aphids, Anyone?

From the desk of an Environmental Scientist…

heartI love Spring!

I love the birds chirping, the trees with their bright green leaves, the flowers starting to bloom and new growth on the horizon.  Especially after our crazy cold winter that seemed to drag on forever, it really feels like a rebirth this year.

I’m enjoying the flowers in my garden, watching the bees and feeling like I’m in an idyllic setting (not my normal life) until I realize that my precious plants have been invaded by aphids.

A little background about my backyard, last year I did a major landscape project.  Basically new everything, I removed a lot of grass and planted native drought tolerant plant varieties.  It was beautiful and then my dogs attacked it (I own a dog who digs up plants just for fun).  I’ve had to protect and baby my plants all fall and winter.

So this spring was supposed to be the start of my beautiful zen backyard and now I’m battling the tiniest creatures trying to keep my plants alive!  I’m an organic gardener and committed to that goal so I started with the soap and water spray.  I’ve dropped

If anyone has tips for aphids, I would love to hear back.  My personal oasis is in jeopardy!some of their numbers but I fear the battle is being lost.  So I’m trying to figure out plan B.  Maybe something with orange oil? I was going to go to Redenta’s this weekend and ask for advice.


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