You win some, you lose some and then you try again

I started working on this post yesterday evening and it was titled Lemons, Cauliflower and Now Broccoli; however, my morning was so obnoxious I had to rethink the title.

Today started with a great workout and from there quickly digressed.  If you have children I’m sure you can relate to how quickly they can kill your Zen.  They are lovely little beings and then these little monsters evolve and eat your patience and any time you thought you had.  Love them!

This is my inspiration for the title and here is the relevance to my projects.  Gardening is a little like life, right?

  • You win some – Check out our baby lemon tree.
  • You lose some – My poor little cauliflower project.  It didn’t work.  He is now in the compost pile.
  • And then you try again – Hello broccoli project.


Our lemon seeds are doing beautifully.  Love, love these little beauties.  We have one that now looks like a plant and several that are making progress.  My fingers are crossed that we will walk away with at least 5 lemon trees.  Keep a look out because I will be giving a lemon tree away.



My poor dead cauliflower basically rotted into mush.  I think it can work, I saw a section where it appeared to be rooting.  However, I made a mistake, there was too much of the base in the water. I will try this again, but next time I will make sure to only have the very bottom in the water.



Now, onto our new project — hello broccoli.  I learned from the cauliflower so I put three toothpicks into the base to help keep the majority of the broccoli out of the water.  We should see rooting take place in the next couple weeks – if it works.


More updates to come.   And…if you love the lemon tree please comment. Our little lemon tree is so cute!

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