Trying to make a difference, One change at a time


I’m new to blogging, but really excited Stacie asked me to share some thoughts, interesting facts and tips for being more conscience about the environment.   I love nature!  I think it’s a completely amazing and beautiful creation.  I’m the person who watches nature shows excited to see the life of an urban coyote.  FYI, it’s fascinating!  I’ll tell you about it sometime.

I’m a bit of a science nerd that wants to be kinder to the world and resources we all share.  I don’t always get it right.  I’m learning as I go.  My life is a complete work in progress and being aware of my resource impacts and trying to do better is no exception.  But the good news is that we can change our habits and make a positive impact.

In a previous post, Stacie gave a tip about recycling dry cleaner hangers.  Which I’ve never done and will start doing.  Thanks Stacie! Just to get everyone thinking about how much trash we produce in the US, I wanted to share some facts EPA just put out about trash and recycling.  I hope you find it interesting.


Right now, I’m trying to work on reducing my food waste.  It’s shameful how much food goes into

the trash.   I’m attempting composting at my house for the 1st time.  It’s been an experiment!  I’ll let you know how it goes…

– Renee



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