The Tulips Are Coming

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It is beginning to warm up so get outdoors and enjoy the nice weather, while it lasts.  We went to the arboretum on Saturday and even with the cruddy weather it was still beautiful.  The daffodils are in full bloom and the tulips are right behind them.

We are huge fans of tulips since my husband is from the Netherlands.  We have experienced the beautiful gardens there and even though they are many times larger than the arboretum.  The arboretum is still breath taking and so refreshing after the cold and gloomy winter we had.

We will definitely go back in a few weeks to see more of the tulips.

They also had two peacocks created from a variety of living plants.  They are AMAZING! It was such a gray day these pictures don’t do them justice.  They are much more vibrant.

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Enjoy the photos, but go experience it for yourself.Our kiddos love the arboretum.  The paths throughout the garden allow them to just truck along and us follow behind.  We spend lots of Saturday mornings on the hill with doughnuts for breakfast.  It is a great and simple family outing.  Don’t over think it.

And here we are just goofing around.

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