T. Hee Gifts now has an urban garden

As if T. Hee Gifts was not already wonderful, they now have an urban garden.  If you are not familiar with T. Hee you should be!  Here is the low down.

  • Located in Lake Highlands and Lakewood
  • Amazing kid’s gifts and toys
  • Seasonal gifts
  • Personalized cups, stationery, luggage, etc.
  • Candles, lotions, soaps and stuff
  • Cards, balloons and wrapping
  • Wine and Beer – Note: if you are going to Highlands Nails you should pop in to T. Hee for the mini champagne bottle.  You get two glasses out of the bottle for $9.  The perfect addition to your mani/pedi.
  • Growers all-in-one Herb kits (shameless plug)

And now, the Urban Garden @ T. Hee.  What exactly does that mean?  At the Lakewood (Hillside) location they will now carry everything you need for organic gardening and raising chickens.

According to our sources, everyone is raising chickens.  Martha Stewart in the Hamptons and Tony and David in Dallas.

It is a trend of course, one of the better ones.  People are looking for ways to have natural and unaltered food.  By growing their own fruits, vegetables and raising their own chickens they know exactly where their food comes from.  It is a great family activity and educational.  Studies show that when kids participate in the growing of food they are more likely to eat more vegetables and fruits, healthier overall. 

Don’t let gardening and chicken raising intimidate you.  If you want to give it a go, T. Hee can help.  They have hired one of the area’s most sought after experts on organic gardening and chicken raising, Zach Montgomery.  

Zach can definitely help you grow and raise chickens, in your own backyard.  So Fun!

Now, I can’t help you out with chicken raising, but I can help you with gardening.  If you have gardening questions please shoot them my way and I will get you an answer.  We love helping out with problems, questions and even better yet sharing success stories.

Here are some of the products you will find at the Urban Garden @ T. Hee.


Have a great week!  The sun is back.

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