Spring Cleaning, Phase 1

Hello Peeps.  If you haven’t started getting your lawn Spring ready, you better jump on it.  The time is here. You can read more about getting your lawn Spring ready in this previous post, https://www.henandchix.com/2014/02/prepare-your-lawn-for-spring-2/

Phase 1, I did some light pruning, cleaned out the old leaves, fertilized, brought in some mulch and added a natural stone border. More to come on the stone border.

BEWARE, the good mulch smells terrible, like poop!  That too shall pass.

Keep in mind every lawn is a work in progress.  In my life everything is a work in progress, not just my lawn, but I won’t go there.  

Here is a slide show to quickly take you through some of the photos.  This is only the beginning and does not include adding any seasonal flowers.  You might ask, why wait to plant the beautiful and vibrant flowers currently at every nursery?

The truth is, I am abnormally patient (not really)!  The real reason is that, quite a bit of what looks completely dead in my lawn is not dead at all.  My Mexican Petunias, Cannas, Society Garlic, Rose bushes and Lantana will all come back.  I let these start growing back in – which we should see in the next couple weeks – and then I look at the areas where there are holes and fill in with new flowers.  It requires a little patience, but it is worth the wait and will save you a little cash.  Over the years, a lot of cash!

Here goes.




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