Out with the old, in with the new

IMG_5088I am so excited that my friend, Ginny, let me be a part of updating her flower beds.  Because I am a complete lawn Geek, it made my year.

Now, her lawn looked great to start, but she wanted a fresh look.  She (her husband and father-in-law) removed the line of shrubs Рthey blocked her front porch and made the space seem small.

The new lower lying design opens up the space and the variety of plants give it interest. Color, texture and size variations are a good thing.

Step 1: She (her husband and father-in-law) removed all the old shrubs and used a stump grinder to get rid of the stumps.

Step 2: We assessed the space.

Step 3: Walked around our local garden center to see what would work well in the space and what Ginny liked

Step 4: Sketched out the space with specific plants.

Step 5: Purchased and planted.

Here are the beautiful after photos.

If you have a similar project and need help please message me.






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    Oooh! I could use your help with Swashbuckle. I have not idea about what to plan on the waterfront – not many plants are “salt air friendly”. Want to do some pretty mixed pots at the front steps… let me know what you think or know.

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