Update – We are growing Lemon Trees

On January 18th I decided to try to grow Lemon trees from a lemon seed.  And….drum roll please.  Our lemon seeds have turned into seedlings.  I am going to have to practice because out of several  lemons seeds I only have two seedlings, but there is still hope for the others.  I’m going to give them a few more weeks to do something.  And yes, it is like watching water boil. To jog your memory of our lemon tree growing journey.

Lemons – Check

photo      photo 1

Lemon seeds with outer shell removed and with outer and inner shell removed – Check

Lemon seed peeling

Lemon seeds in dirt and Lemon seeds on damp paper towels – Check

Lemon seed experiment

And now for the big reveal.  Our seedlings.  How exciting!!!!  Can I get a shout out for my seedlings?  Whoop, Whoop! If this is remotely interesting or entertaining, please share on Twitter, Facebook, Intstagram.  #shameless plug.

Stay tuned. It will be worth it…we will be giving away a lemon tree.

Lemon seedlings at 3 and 4 weeks.

Lemon Seedling at 3 weeks     Lemon Seedling at 4 weeks     Lemon Seedling at 4 weeks



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