The Valentine’s Day Countdown

We have less than 48 hours until Valentine’s Day and many of us – let’s just say me for one – will wait until the last hour.  Here are some of my favorite things.  All simple and fabulous.

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Bubbly.  Not just any bubbly, but the bubbly from Iron Horse Vineyards.  Iron Horse is this fabulous – worldly wine – made in the Sonoma wine country. President Reagan served it to Gorbachev during their Summit Meetings.  It doesn’t stop there, President and Michelle Obama served it to Queen Elizabeth II and also to China’s President Xi Jinping.  See here their Valentine’s specials.  You can also purchase locally.

Love Letters.  Write the most heartfelt note to your Valentine.  Nothing can beat this.  And in case you need a little motivation, here you will find, The 10 Best Love Letters Ever Written, according to Glamour.  Don’t copy.  Make your love letter your own.


Jewels.  Everyone likes a little sparkly.  You don’t have to go crazy.  A nice and thoughtful piece of jewelry says a lot. But by all means, if you want to break the budget and go crazy, please do.  A new favorite shop of mine that has REAL jewelry in a range of prices is Nan Lee in McKinney.  You can visit their downtown store and also find them on Facebook,  Here is a quick snapshot of their jewels.

Slide1 Slide1


Orchids. This is a beautiful and romantic flower that blooms over and over again.  Typically my orchid holds blooms for about six months.  Don’t over water it, that is the key.  You can purchase these reasonably at Central Market (yes, the grocery store) and also at Calloway’s.  The Orchid shown here is mine.  I received this as a gift from my husband’s Aunt (I believe it was 3 year’s ago) and it blooms over and over again.  Calloway’s will also do custom creations (as will most florists/nurseries).  See their Valentine’s Day Special here.

My orchidScreen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.26.47 AM

 You better hurry!  You don’t have much time.


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