Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

Slide1Clean up, Clean up Everybody…the song my kiddos sing when it is time to clean up.  It makes sense.

Don’t let nature confuse you with the back and forth of the weather — pretty weather, messy weather, pretty weather, messy weather.  You get my drift.

Even with all this back and forth, it is time to prepare your lawn for Spring.  Here are the four steps.

1. Clean up:  Dead leaves, branches and trimmings need to be removed so your fertilizer can get into the soil.  This is also the first step in making your lawn more visually appealing.

2. Fertilize your lawn and flower beds:  The first application should be in late February (Houston/Austin area) to early March (DFW area).  It is not a deal breaker if you are a few weeks early or late.  I typically do three applications a year (March, June and October).  You want to use a complete fertilizer and many nurseries recommend a 21-5-10 ratio.  This is pretty standard.  Be sure to water thoroughly after you apply.

Don’t forget your potted plants, they lose nutrients more quickly because they are not in the ground and all the good stuff runs out of the  bottom of the pot.  I try to do multiple levels of fertilizing for my potted plants.  As I fertilize the lawn I also throw a bit in each pot, then throughout the Spring/Summer I will apply some sort of  miracle bloom product.

3. Stop Weeds: The best way to truly fight weeds is to keep your lawn healthy.  A healthy lawn will choke out the weeds; however, sometimes weeds are just a beat down and you need help to fight them.  In that case use a pre-emergent.  Calloway’s nursery recommends Bonide® Weed Beater Complete. It prevents weed seeds from germinating (pre-emergent) and kills both grassy and broadleaf weeds that have already sprouted (post-emergent) in mature lawns and landscapes.

There is also a fabulous weed fighter that you can use in your flower beds — don’t get it on your grass or it will kill it — Green Light, AMAZE Grass & Weed Preventer.

Note: you can ask your local garden center what they recommend too.  These are just products that I have used in the past.

4. Mulch:  Adding a layer of soil (if needed) and then mulch is great for your beds.  The mulch will help your beds hold more water in, preventing you from having to water as often.  Another bonus of mulch is that it helps block and prevent weeds.  And last it makes your lawn pretty.  Need I say more.

Stay tuned.  More to come on getting Spring ready.


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