Grow a Lemon from a lemon seed, we’ll see

b734da2e805511e3b2630e9c0aaa8964_8Here is how it all started.  There is this crazy Meyer Lemon Tree in San Antonio, TX that produces lemons in mass quantities.  My friend calls super excited about these lemons and asks, if I want to try to grow a lemon tree.   Please note that at this moment she has about two-dozen lemons in her car.

I sit there for a moment because I don’t know anything about lemon seeds, but I say sure.  I hit the search engines and now I have a plan.

I head over to her place to get the lemon seeds and she has thrown them away.  I didn’t sound excited so she tossed them.  Noooo, I didn’t sound excited because my wheels were turning.  How in the heck am I going to grow lemon trees?


Not to worry.  We dug the lemons out of the kitchen trashcan. Again, don’t worry they were on the top.

We have lemons; we are back in business.  Here goes.








We (me and you all for moral support) are going to try a few different ways to turn these seeds into seedlings.  We will first cut the lemons in half and begin taking out the seeds.

Now let the testing begin.

1.  We are going to take half the seeds as is, rinse them with water and

  •  Plant four of them in dirt.
  • The remainder we are going to place on top of a very damp (not dripping) paper towel and seal them in a zip lock bag.

2.  We are then going to take the other half of the seeds and peel* the outer layer off.  As I began peeling them I noticed that there is another layer underneath that outer layer so we are going to take half of the seeds and only peel off that initial layer and then the other half we will peel the outer and inner layer.

  • Plant four of them in dirt.
  • The remainder we are going to place on top of a very damp (not dripping) paper towel and then seal them in a zip lock bag.









* How to peel.  It is tedious.  You want to dry them off because these suckers are slippery.  You also want a very fine point knife. You will poke the knife in what looks like a seam.  Give yourself a large enough slit that you can peel it.  See the image attached and where I am holding the seed, you will see where I cut the seed with the knife.  No judgment on the bad manicure please.

Please note that I did not use any lemons that I cut or were nicked.

We hope to seedlings within 2 to 4 weeks.  I’ll post updates weekly.  Fingers crossed.

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