Gardening Fashion…Really?

I love gardening.  I love planning out and planting my garden, my neighbor’s garden, my friend’s garden and my friend’s neighbor’s garden.  You get the drift.  But I stop at garden fashion.  If a t-shirt and shorts don’t fit the bill, I might be out.  I do have to admit I have pulled a weed or two in a business suit, but that is only because a weed was being obtrusive.  I have to stop at gardening fashion.

I’m sure there is an audience for this, but really Martha?  You have so much more to offer than gardening fashion.  Obviously, I’m not the target.

Tonight, I’ll take it.  You gave me something good to pick on.

Any hand raisers on your gardening fashion?

Here you will find the entire get-up and write-up.


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