Pineapples, Please

This is a family-friendly gardening activity that can be accomplished in about 15 minutes.  This is a great activity for any age. There are different opinions whether or not this will produce fruit.  My gut feeling is no, but stranger things have happened.  Only time will tell.  Either way, it is fun and makes use […]

Repurpose packaging into wine gift bags

We purchased new bedding recently and it came in these fabulous bags.  I love them and have decided to repurpose them as wine gift bags.  I removed the label, but they could be used as is.  We also bought sheets at Target that came in larger fabric bags that would be great for wrapping a […]

Grow a Lemon from a lemon seed, we’ll see

Here is how it all started.  There is this crazy Meyer Lemon Tree in San Antonio, TX that produces lemons in mass quantities.  My friend calls super excited about these lemons and asks, if I want to try to grow a lemon tree.   Please note that at this moment she has about two-dozen lemons in […]

Gardening Fashion…Really?

I love gardening.  I love planning out and planting my garden, my neighbor’s garden, my friend’s garden and my friend’s neighbor’s garden.  You get the drift.  But I stop at garden fashion.  If a t-shirt and shorts don’t fit the bill, I might be out.  I do have to admit I have pulled a weed […]

Recycle…Every Little Bit Counts

I love recycling and being good to this little earth of ours. I’m not great at it, but I try. Here are a few easy ways I try to stay committed.  It is all about keeping it simple. As I go into this I have to throw my mom a bone.  She has recycled as […]

Simple Dinner – Korma

As parents (people in general), we are always looking for simple dinners.  I do not claim to be a chef.  I claim to be a foody, that can read a recipe and has a fabulous husband that normally does the cooking.  However, tonight I took on the kitchen with a fabulous Indian dish (disclaimer: we […]

These are a few of our favorite things…

  I was working on a project and had some friends share with me some of their favorite small businesses in Dallas.  For most of them Dallas is home.  And if you are not in Dallas no worries, most of these places have an online presence.  Thank you technology! If you have a favorite not […]

What to do with all your greeting cards

We are past the mad Holiday rush and most of you have already put away your decorations. Now, what to do with all those  Holiday cards?  This is not for all the adorable selfies or family photos you receive.  This is for all the general holiday cards. The St. Jude Ranch for Children recycles your […]