Sleep…where we are now

Back in February, I shared with you Nicholas’ desire to sleep in our bed.  We have made lots of great progress and a little regression since then.  Let’s start with the progress.

We no longer have to sit or lay down with Nicholas for him to go to sleep.  Sometimes he gets up when we leave his room and we give him the option do you want your door open or closed?  He definitely wants it open and understands he has to stay in bed for it to stay that way.  The tape trick was helpful.  And on the nights he did not want to stay in bed we would shut his door for a few minutes so he knew we were serious.  After a few minutes we would ask him if he was ready to crawl in bed.  He said yes and then crawled in bed.  Some nights we had to do that a couple times. He is doing great.  It didn’t happen overnight and it took us being consistent.  That is probably the hardest part.  Stick with it.

The regression…the past few nights Nicholas has been crawling in bed with us around 6am.  It didn’t seem like a big deal because it was so close to the time we all get up.  The problem is that each day it is a little earlier.  We need to start walking him back to his bed (even though it is 6am).  Otherwise, we risk him wanting to crawl into bed at midnight and that is no bueno.

All I can say is stay consistent. We have to train, re-train and train again.  Happy sleepy time!




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