Coming off  a beautiful weekend the gray skies are a downer, but don’t let the gray skies get you down.  Look around at all the beautiful colors.  The blooming trees, the tulips, flowers and on and on.  Take a moment to soak it all in.  It is amazing the transformation from Winter to Spring.

Yesterday afternoon I helped a friend freshen up her planters.  I didn’t do a before, but just imagine empty pots with dirt to the beauties below — Voila!

It took us less than an hour to run to the local nursery, buy the plants and plant them.  Here is what we did.

1. Think different textures and colors and what is going to have the longest life span.

2. Coordinate plants that work well together. For example, the ones that will grow taller put in the back.  The ones that will trail over the side put in the front.

We purchased only one of the snowstorm pink.  It was a large enough plant we were able to divide.  Hold the stems apart and cut through with your shovel.  Make sure you get roots on all sections. 

Since these are in pots they will need to be watered frequently. Don’t over do it.  I would say for now 2 – 3 times a week and in the heat of Summer 4 times a week.  It depends on how much sun.  Start with 2-3 days and if that is working let them be.  If not, add in a day.

Plants: Dianthus, Snowstorm Pink, Sweet Potato Vine – Pink, Sweet Potato Vine – Purple,  Verbena, Clear Crystal, Coleus.

  • Pot 1 – Coleus (back), Green Sweet Potato Vine (Right), Verbena (Front), Snowstorm Pink (Right).  The Coleus will grow tall, Sweet potato vines and snowstorm pink will trail and the dianthus will be the foundation.
  • Pot 2 – Same except we used the purple sweet potato vine.
  • Pot 3 – This was a smaller pot so we used the verbena at the center and surrounded it with Clear crystal.

It’s easy peasy!

 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

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