More Planters

Planters are so fun.  They are easy to maintain and fun to update based on the season.  These two planters welcome our guests.  Actually, most of our guests come to the back door so I guess you could say these two planters greet our mailman.  Hopefully our mailman enjoys them.  Folllowing the winter our planters were dead.   Check out the transformation.

The planters include small trees as the centerpiece.  These are blooming trees and will eventually be too large for a pot, but until they are large enough to be planted in the lawn a planter is the perfect spot for them.


  • Coleus – I love the color and texture.
  • A baby tree (a hawthorne, red bud, etc.). This becomes the foundation.
  • Potato vine – I love the color and it will trail over the side.
  • Snowstorm pink – This adds more color and also trails over the side.  Plus, you need flowers. Flowers are good.

Before: Now this is depressing!

photo 1















After: So pretty!

photo 2






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