Favorite Baby Products

Since I have several friends having babies I thought it might be beneficial for them if I brought back to life my favorite list.  I have to say that I am a minimalist, when it comes to baby products.  I will be objective for those of you product junkies.  Okay…now that I have finished typing this list, I might not be a minimalist.  Ha!  Check out some product pictures below.

My favorite bath product is: Burt’s Bees, I have friends that love Mustela too

Must haves: 

  • Fisher-Price Cradle Swing – This is a lifesaver.  If you have a fussy baby that won’t sleep, this will help them sleep.
  • A bouncer chair, Fisher-Price makes several that are fun and so does Bright Stars.
  • An Exercauser
  • Video Monitor, Love, Love, Love it.  Especially for first time parents.  You want to freak out with every sound they make (myself included).  The monitor allows you to check on them without disturbing them.  You have peace of mind, they get to sleep peacefully.
  • A good stroller – I really like the bugaboo, but it is a little pricey.  I know a lot of people go with the BOB because it is very versatile (jogging/shopping).
  • Baby Bjorn – Awesome.  Love it.  I actually love this product and used it for shopping.  Easy, easy and babies love being in it. Mine did anyway.  Plus having them in this helps prevent flat head.
  • Pack n Play – This is great for newborns because it comes with a bassinet so you don’t have to buy a second bassinet.  You don’t use a bassinet for very long.  3-months maybe.  I also would go with a basic pack n play, you don’t really need all the bells and whistles.  Last, but not least great for travel.
  • Bottle drying rack – Convenient and good for temporary storage.
  • Play mats are nice.  You don’t use it long, but while they are tiny it is nice to have a clean place for them to play and toys, music and lights used to entertain them.
  • Graco snugride car seat.  Loved this bucket because it was smaller so easier to get around with.
  • My Brest friend pillow. If you are going to breast feed this thing is FABULOUS.  Way better than a boppy.
  • A boppy is good but for propping the baby up to look around and can give them tummy time.
  • Glider and Ottoman.  I don’t have an ottoman, but I love my glider.  I wasn’t sure I wanted one, but am glad I have one.  I didn’t want to spend a ton of money so I stalked Craig’s list and found one for $50.  The fabric was perfect for Nicholas as it was blue and then I had it recovered for Katherine.  The best $50 ever!
  • Thermometer – When they are under 12-months old your dr. will request you take their temp rectally (sorry).  The hospital will send you home with a free thermometer for this.  I wouldn’t do an ear thermometer.  Once they turn a year you can start using the forehead thermometer.  It’s great!
  • Bath time I just used the bath sponge pillow you lay them on in the tub.  That was perfect for me.  I didn’t want to have to store a bath tub.  One more thing to clutter my space.  However, lots of people like tubs.  I have one friend that loves the 4 Moms Clean Water Infant tub, one that loves the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders and another that loved the Especially for Baby Bath Sling.
  • Bottles are overwhelming. Sorry they are.  I asked every friend when I was pregnant and every one of them used a different bottle.  Make sure they are BPA free.  You can flip a coin and pick one or buy two to three different ones and see which one your baby likes best and then go from there.  I flipped a coin and went with Born Free.  They have worked well.
  • If you are open to your baby having a pacifier you need to buy them because most hospitals no longer provide them. We love the soothie pacifier.  Both of our children took to these, but some babies don’t like them.  We also love the wubannubs.  It is a pacifier connected to a plush animal. Very small and safe.  It helps them find it in the bed.  Go check them out.  And you can throw them in the washing machine.  AWESOME!
  • Swaddle blankets are great.  The miracle blankets are probably the best.   We also used the receiving blankets and they are a lot less expensive and worked for us.
  • Sheets – you probably want 3 sheets and two mattress covers. 
  • Wash cloths – I love the inexpensive small Gerber wash cloths.  I’m not sure why they feel the need to make a baby washcloth the size of a baseball mit or a hand towel for that matter.  A little over kill.  Hooded towels are great too. 
  • One more thing.  Oy, I can’t stop the list.  I love Pottery Barn Kids bedding.  Cute and decently priced.  I didn’t say cheap, but compared to others out there it isn’t bad.
  • I can’t stop the madness.  I love the Cloud B products. We have the lady bug and the sleep sheep.  They now have a turtle that plays music and lights up the ceiling like the ocean.  Way cute.

Things I had and gave away or didn’t miss

  • Wipes warmer, most of my friends did not care about this, but I had a couple that loved it.  I gave mine away.  By the time you get the wipes out and to their bottoms the wipes are cold. Besides what if you are out and about you can’t take warms wipes everywhere.
  • Diaper Genie (or similar products), like the above I gave mine away.  You can cram diapers in for days and by the time it is full the smell of poo has taken over.  For me I would just rather put them in the trash because we take our trash out so often.  The poopie ones you can set a can time them in grocery sacks and put them in a small wastebasket by your back door. 
  • I never had one of those grocery cart covers.  It is just one more thing to carry.  I never wanted nor missed this.
  • Bottle Warmer, Never had and Never missed
  • Bottle sterilizer, Never had and Never missed.  Most dishwashers have a sanitizing cycle.  Use that.

Nice to have, but not necessity

  • Door way jumper
  • Boogie wipes – some people would disagree and they would say these are a necessity


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