Add spice to your office

If your work space needs a little life, add a plant.  In my opinion indoor plants can be very difficult — not enough sun and easy to over water.  I do best with Ivy, Orchids and most succulents.  It doesn’t have to be a big statement, a small plant in a cute pot is all you need.  Don’t overthink it — that’s funny for those of you that know me. 

This was intended to be a before and after picture, but I lost the before, so you get the after.  Imagine a dead dried up bromiliad plant, that was the before.  Now, my colleague can enjoy a nice “living” plant.

What you need to recreate this:  Glass vase, Glass marbles of your liking, a plastic pot and orchid potting mix (this keeps the plants from being too wet).  The plants used here include: aloe vera, hen and chick and live forevers.  For this plant you need to water once a week. I suggest using 2 ice cubes vs. pouring on the water.  It is neater and helps prevent over watering.

Happy Gardening.



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