Snotty Nose, Anyone?

Yay, it’s Friday!  What better day to talk about a snot sucker?  Yes,  I did say a snot sucker.  My pediatrician shared the greatness of this new contraption with me about a year ago and with the recent cold season it has come in handy.  It works.  I don’t feel like I am going to poke my child’s brains out as she moves her head allover the place.  It gently sits at the of the nose and yes you suck the snot out. 

Don’t worry.  It is impossible for you to eat it.  It is made with safety features.  Everyone agrees it is gross.  Judge all you want, but it works.  

My 10-month old still thrashes around, but my 2.5-year old impatiently tolerates it.  And it is truly called a snot sucker.  Go check it out, NoseFrida, The Snotsucker.  You can buy it online anywhere and I found one in a Buy Buy Baby store.  

Have a great weekend.snotsucker






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