Share the mint

I’m sure you have spent good money on herbs, used a bit of it and then thrown the rest out.  Typically because you put the leftover mint in the fridge and forget about it and then by the time you need it again it is beyond use. It happens to the best of us.

A little secret about our friend, Mint, is that it is pretty much a weed.  This is great because you can plop your leftover mint — cut from your plant or purchased in the store — in a cup of water and it will root.  It is that simple.

Once you see roots put it in a cute pot with potting soil and there you have it…mint plants to keep for yourself or to share with friends.   This is also a fun project to share with your kiddos. 

Happy gardening!


The mint in the left photo allowed me to plant 3 plants like the one on the right.  instagrammint  



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