Perk up your Amaryllis

I’m sure many of you received an Amaryllis bulb kit for the Holidays.  And many of you are probably noticing your Amaryllis drooping.  Not to worry. It is an easy fix. 

If your Amaryllis still has blooms and you want to keep it around a little bit longer simply place a small stake in the pot and tie the leaning stick to it.  We used a small stick from an old orchd, but a popsicle stick would probably work or if you have the wooden skewers for grilling, those would work too.  Loosely connect the two with a twist tie or a ribbon.

Enjoy your Amaryllis for a few more weeks.

 photo 1









photo 2











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    Ginny Vietti says

    Thanks for saving the day and our Amaryllis! Sissy was very sad when it was falling over and is thrilled to have it back at the table 🙂

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