From Generation to Generation

You are not special because everyone isWe all say that the generation behind us is so different and that what they are dealing with is so different. That they are not respectful and not appreciative and wild and crazy and on and on and on.

Yes, every generation is different and the struggles are different because of new technology and a changing world around us.  Regardless, we have all dealt with peer pressure, a school bully, an unfair curfew, a rumor, a disappointment and so on.

I do not consider myself old; however, I do consider the younger generation different like every generation before me.  For example, there are lots of activities in today’s world for kids where everyone wins.  We didn’t have that.  And kids today have technology out the wazoo.  I remember my parents first VCR and my first computer (post college graduation).  I do not believe kids are any less polite as their is always a rude one in the group regardless generation. I do believe; however, they are different.

They believe they should work less and get more.  Corporate structure doesn’t phase them or structure at all.  There is a sense of entitlement that if they want to do or try something they are going to do it.

I do think that there is something we can all learn from some of these characteristics.  Maybe it is don’t be afraid, live life, experience life and so on.  Here is a commencement speech at a 2012 high school graduation.  I find the last few paragraphs most intriguing as we should all be reminded to live life, not just this next generation.

Enjoy and Remember to Live Life!

Check out the full speech here, You are not special because everyone is



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