From Generation to Generation

We all say that the generation behind us is so different and that what they are dealing with is so different. That they are not respectful and not appreciative and wild and crazy and on and on and on. Yes, every generation is different and the struggles are different because of new technology and a […]

mosquito fighting plants

This time of year we must bring out the big guns to fight mosquitos. Here is a list of easy to grow plants that can help you with this battle. These plants can be planted in containers or beds.  I recommend a combination.  The containers allow you to move the plants where you are and […]

Mosquito fighting plant

For the past several years I have known the Citronella plant (aka Pelargonium citrosum, citrosa geranium, mosquito plant) to be a mosquito fighting plant. Nurseries and gardeners alike rave about the plants mosquito fighting qualities.  However, the American Botanical Council did a study and reported that it has some of the essential oils to fight […]

Missing in action

Hello world.  I am back.  13 weeks ago I delivered a healthy, beautiful baby girl.  And every week since (let’s be honest…after about week 6, maybe 7) I have thought, I love my blog I need to get back at it and then another week went by.  Well, today is the day.  I am back […]