Why is everyone Whining

I was talking to a friend yesterday about her toddler daughter and her constant whining.  As a parent, I can relate.  Nicholas whines too and we are now going through the steps: 1. We don’t understand what you are asking for when you whine, 2. Use your big boy words, and 3. Take away whatever he has (i.e. toy, game, etc) that he is whining about.  So far, it works pretty well until the next time of course.

Anyway…my friend was telling me that she has read and heard from several friends to put vinegar (or apple cider vinegar) and water (equal parts or more water)  in a spray bottle and when the whining doesn’t stop they give a squirt in the child’s mouth. Supposedly this method works.  The little ones begin using their words.  Who knew?

What I find ironic is how we work so hard to get our children over the whining stage all to become a whiney adult.  Let’s use our current  state in the U.S. as an example.  I don’t care if you are Republican, Democrat or neither of the two. It is very obvious that no one is working together, everyone is whining about the other person.  I remember growing up I would come home and tell my mom about an unfair situation with another kid or even with a teacher and her response was pretty much figure out how to make it work.  And that is how I plan to approach raising my children.  I remember my first job out of college and I did not like it at all.  Two to three months into the job I called my mom begging her to let me quit and her response was find another job and you can quit.

It is just interesting to me that we tell our children to work with others and to figure it out regardless the difference of opinions.  Find a middle ground, compromise, the world doesn’t revolve around you, you don’t always get your way.  And the list goes on and on.

So grown ups…maybe we should take a step back to our youth, cut the whining, put our big kid pants on and work together to get something accomplished.  Whether dealing with your job, a friend, family, just life.  Let’s make something good happen here.








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