Weeds, Weeds go away

As you know we have had a pretty mild winter so far.  (Please note…so far) And you are probably noticing the weeds already popping up.  You can take steps now to rid your lawn of this annoyance.  The one good thing is that some of these weeds will be choked out once  your grass starts coming back and the weather warms up.  However, a proactive approach should make the process of getting rid of them much faster and also make them less abundant in the future.

By using a pre-emergent you take a little stress off your grass.  Calloway’s recommnends that you use Bonide® Weed Beater Complete™.  I’m sure there are other brands that work as well.  Just ask your local garden center.


This particular product helps you get rid of existing weeds and prevents future ones from sprouting.

Apply when the temperatures are at 45 º or warmer.  Lightly water your lawn first then apply Weed Beater Complete™; wait at least 48 hours to water thoroughly. This allows time for both pre- and post-emergent control to work. The systemic action works from the leaves down and the roots up to kill and prevent weeds and the seeds they produce.

Believe it or not the time is here to get our lawns ready for Spring and Summer so go for it.

Have fun!









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