Take the products

A girl I work with recently came back from maternity leave and she was talking about all the baby products in the hospital room and a disagreement she had with her mom.  When I went into the hospital to have Nicholas several friends told me to take the diapers, pads, etc.  I felt a little awkward doing this so I asked the nurse before check out and she said that indeed they would be throwing away all the paper products and to help myself, so I did.  SCORE!!!  I believe they do this to maintain germs and prevent any cross contamination.

Please share this information as it is so wasteful to throw all of this away, unused and you paid for it.  I’m sure they don’t share this information upfront because then people would be stashing products every second.  It is more for you to take what is left when you are checking out not freeload a bag of diapers an hour.

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