Take advantage of Plant Discounts

As we all know Winter may or may not be behind us.  There are still ways we can spruce up the garden now without having to worry about a freeze.  Pansies are typically planted in the fall as they can survive the Winter.  That being said many garden centers have them on major sale right now.  It is still a good time to plant them because they will last you through early May and maybe even June (depending on the heat).

I have also seen big sales on Cyclamen.  The same with the Cyclamen, buy them now for a great price to spruce everything up and they should last you through the Spring.

These are great for the garden or in planters.  I have had a couple plants (in planters) die on me this Winter and I am going to go out and replace them with some of these beauties.  I’ll keep you posted.


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