Helleborus Plant brings late winter early spring blooms

I found the Helleborus recently and it is gorgeous.  The most exciting thing about this plant is that it blooms late Winter to early Spring when everything else is a little drab.  You can also enjoy the blooms inside during the drab months.  Cut off a bloom or two and put them in bud vases throughout your house.

To enjoy the blooms this season you should plant now.  The Helleborus plant will become a cornerstone in your garden and you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

During the Summer the Helleborus will provide you a lush green ground cover which is perfect since everything else will be in bloom.

First, decide where you would like to plant in your garden.  Remember, that the Helleborus likes shade.  The ideal location will be shady, but also gets some sun during the day.  It works well between shrubs to give a contrast in color and texture.  The Helleborus also works well along walkways.  This plant stays controlled and is not invasive, but note that each variety is a little different in growth habit.

Sometimes in the harsh Winter months (mostly up North) the leaves can be burned slightly by the cold.  If you see this you can trim the burned sections.  Keep an eye out for blooms because you don’t want to trim off any blooms.

To plant the Helleborus dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Once you’ve dug the hole put fresh soil in the hole and around the root ball as this will allow better drainage. If you have peat moss and bark you can mix that in with the soil as well.  The Helleborus likes a well draining soil.

Plant the root ball even with the soil. Do not bury the root ball as this could damage the plants.

When establishing their roots the Helleborus might need a little more water.  Just keep an eye on them for wilting.  Once they are established they are a carefree plant.


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