Don’t forget about you

We all lead busy lives and we tend to lose site of the small things that bring us great joy and help keep us grounded about what really matters.  Here goes.

1.   DATE NIGHT.  It is so important to have date night with your significant other.  It doesn’t have to be a huge production, just plan an evening away.  Get a babysitter or ask a close friend.  You can swap nights with your friend so that you can both enjoy date night.  It is healthy for a relationship to have some undivided attention without kid talk or work talk.  This means don’t go on a date and talk about work and kids.  Talk about life, fun trips you have taken or maybe some trips you want to take.  Start planning something fun…maybe even your next date night.

2.  GIRL’S NIGHT OUT.  I have always heard women say make time for your girlfriends.  I never understood why you wouldn’t do this, but I see now why they put an emphasis on it.  It’s because balancing family and work leaves very little time for anything else.  Making it even that much more of a priority.  I try to do two girl dinners each month.  Most of the time we are really good about it, but there are months where it just doesn’t work for everyone’s schedule.  This is fresh on my mind because I was invited to a fabulous girl’s night out Friday.  There was food, adult beverages, games and goody bags.  I will say that I am not a game person, but the games were fun.  I’ll leave that for another time.  Good girl time is healthy as is time away from your family.  If you get a few hours break you appreciate them more.  Evenings are hectic so schedule a late dinner with the girls so you can see the kids and help get them ready for bed.

2.5 GET YOUR HUSBAND OUT OF THE HOUSE. I don’t really get the idea that a man needs a hall pass (or kitchen pass for that matter).  I think men do not get out because they don’t make a plan to do it or they think their wife is going to care and she probably isn’t.  If you are a wife and you do care you might want to reconsider.  A happy hour with the boys is good for your husband.  A friend of mine and I decided that we would start suggesting days for the guys to get together since they are not great planners.  They typically meet at a neighborhood pub after work and are home by 10.

The time with your friends can be simple.  Alternate homes and order pizza, go to the local burger joint.  I even know some girls who meet up at the local cafeteria with kids in tow so they can all catch up.  Don’t over think it!

All in all, take time for yourself.  You will be happier and better for it.  Have a great week.

This was a fabulous night with some of my girlfriends.  We were celebrating my pregnancy with baby girl.



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