Pregnancy opens the floodgate of comments

Good Morning All,

I don’t consider myself very sensitive, but I have noticed that during both of my pregnancies people feel very comfortable saying just about anything.  I wasn’t going to post about this until yesterday when I was talking to two male coworkers about how stunned they were at the comments their wives received during pregnancy.  All I have to say is seriously.  Here are some things you might not want to say to a hormonal and pregnant woman.



  1. Wow, your belly is huge.  How about cute?  We already feel huge and are well aware of the protruding belly.
  2. Can you still drive? In other words, do you fit behind the steering wheel.
  3. Do you fit in a booth?  How about do you prefer a booth over a table?
  4. You are going for #2?  It was so miserable being pregnant, it was awful, and on and on.  Not sure how to respond to that.  But yes we are going for #2, the belly is evidence.
  5. My kiddos are going to be 20.5 months apart and the comments I get are wow, good luck, are you crazy?  Yes, I probably am crazy or will be at some point.
  6. One girl was telling her friend that she had a low lying uterus and the response was, I know someone that bled to death from that.  I’m ending on that note.

Being pregnant, we get a kick out of all the crazy comments, but it makes you wonder what makes people feel so open when talking to a pregnant person.

I hope you all get a good laugh.  Have a great day!

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