Amaryllis Bulb Kit

Happy Thursday my Gardening Lovers,

Even with this cold weather we still have an opportunity to garden.  I received an Amaryllis bulb kit for Christmas and it is a fun and easy way to keep us gardening indoors until better weather comes our way.  I also recently saw these at Target on a major clearance rack.

They supply you with soil, a bulb and a pretty pot to plant it in.


Step 1:  Soak the soil in 3 cups of water for 15 minutes (it comes in a compacted disk)

Step 2: Place 3/4 of the soil in the pot

Step 3: Place the bulb in pointed side up and surround with soil (make sure the top portion of the bulb is above soil)

Step 4: Keep soil moist in a well lit area and watch it grow and bloom.  Mine came out of the box a little farther along, but it should still work.  I’ll keep you posted.







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    We “won” one of these kits at a White Elephant.
    Jim planted it and set it out on the kitchen table. It bloomed and died. Now we have a little green stump in a pot.

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