Bubbles, Bubbles…

On My nose.  Bubbles, bubbles on my toes.  Bubbles, bubbles everywhere. Straight from Elmo’s book Bubbles, Bubbles. If you want easy and inexpensive entertainment for hours go with bubbles.  Every afternoon my son’s daycare turns on a small bubble machine and the kids love it.  We also went to a birthday party last Fall where […]

Rain, Rain Bring it on

I notice this time of year that people are still watering their lawns.  This is the one time of year we can give our natural resources a break.  A lawn only needs about an inch of water each month.  I know your thinking how do I measure that?  Honestly, I don’t.  However, we turned off […]

Pregnancy opens the floodgate of comments

Good Morning All, I don’t consider myself very sensitive, but I have noticed that during both of my pregnancies people feel very comfortable saying just about anything.  I wasn’t going to post about this until yesterday when I was talking to two male coworkers about how stunned they were at the comments their wives received […]

Vertical Gardening

We are quickly approaching February so it is a good time to start planning out your garden.  Spring will be here before you know it.  I have seen a lot of talk on vertical gardening and I really like the concept.  The great thing about vertical gardening is that sometimes we need a little height, […]

Compassion and Compromise

I read an interesting blog this weekend about the relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.  The more I thought about the article the more I feel that it relates to all relationships and interactions.  Many conversations and news stories today are me, me, me.  I’m sure this isn’t news to anyone or new to society.  […]

Amaryllis Bulb Kit

Happy Thursday my Gardening Lovers, Even with this cold weather we still have an opportunity to garden.  I received an Amaryllis bulb kit for Christmas and it is a fun and easy way to keep us gardening indoors until better weather comes our way.  I also recently saw these at Target on a major clearance […]

Go ebay, Go ebay…Go

Last night was my first time to purchase something on ebay.  I know, I know…I am late to the party.  I have perused it every now and then, but never had a huge desire to bid on anything.  That is until now.  As I have mentioned baby #2 is on the way and along with […]

New Year’s Resolutions…Blah

Good Morning, Happy New Year and even better yet…Happy Friday! Another year has passed and we are now a week into the new one!  I hear lots of people talk about new year’s resolutions and let’s face it most resolutions are broken.  Sorry to be a drag.  If we are going to do something we […]