winter skincare

Good Morning All and Happy Monday!

Last week was crazy as I’m sure many of you experience this time of year and all year for that matter.  I really missed this blogging thing. Here goes,

This time of year we all experience dry skin due to the cold weather and from running the heater.  Babies are especially susceptible to this, you will see many of them with red chapped cheeks and hands.  I believe in many cases their cheeks get so chapped because people clean their faces with baby wipes.

There is a magic product, Aquaphor.  During cool months or anytime I see Nicholas’ cheeks getting red I put aquaphor on them at night before he goes to bed and then like magic the next morning they are back to normal.

Of course this also works on adult skin too.  I purchase the tub of aquaphor as it is less expensive than the tube.

Good luck.


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