Sugared fruit, anyone?

It is definitely Winter.  We are not experiencing super cold weather this week, but it is dreary.  I was flipping through a Better Homes & Garden magazine earlier this week as I impatiently waited to take my glucose test and ran across this beautiful fruit arrangement.

This arrangement can serve multiple purposes; it can add color to your day and can also be a fun, inexpensive family activity.

To make this arrangement

1.  Select your bowl
2.  Fruit to fill the bowl
3.  Sugar (superfine)
4.  Eggs

Brush the fruit with beaten egg whites and then sprinkle with superfine sugar.  If the sparkle fades after 3-4 days just sprinkle with more sugar. Voila, you have a beautiful arrangement for the holidays.

*Due to the raw egg wash do not eat the fruit.





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