Kid’s Birthday Parties

We all love a good, the more the merrier style, birthday party.  However, what do you do with all the presents?  I have been to two birthday parties in the last 4 months where the request was for no gifts, but rather a charitable contribution.  Party 1 requested that we bring supplies for an after school program and Party 2 requested diapers  for another charity.

I love it and think it is a great way to teach our children about giving back.

Now, I’m sure some of you wonder how you break the news to your child.  First, consider that your child isn’t going to go without getting any presents.  For example, parents, grandparents and aunts/uncles will probably give a gift.  The charitable contribution will be more for school friends.  You just explain that this is a way for less fortunate children to have something they need.  If you invite 20 kids to your party, does your child really need 20 new toys?  Probably not.

We went all out for the first birthday, but I think moving forward we will adopt this for our parties.

Have a great week!


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