Get more bang for your buck

When you bring home your sweet baby you also bring home additional expenses.  Here are few ways to help ease the pain.


  • Take advantage of your diaper/wipes rewards program, both Huggies and Pampers have one. We use pampers and last year we were able to buy our holiday pictures.
  • Join Babies R Us Rewards Program.  They mail special coupons, sometimes $5 off any purchase.  It is based on what you are spending so in the beginning when you are buying a lot take advantage of the discounts/rewards.
  • If you are using formula ask your pediatrician for samples when you go in for a doctor visit or if you are in the neighborhood stop in and pick some up.  They have a big supply as the reps provide them with samples to give to patients.  Also, take note that some of the samples will have a $5 off coupon beneath the lid.
  • Buy in bulk…sometimes Target and Babies R Us (probably other stores as well) will have an additional discount when you buy more than one box of diapers.  You are going to use them so you might as well take advantage of the break.
  • Watch the clothing stores for big sales and rewards programs.  Gymboree has a great reward program and good sales, Children’s Place has probably the best prices and sales and if you hit Janie and Jack at the end of a season you will find great prices too.


Happy Shopping and Saving.  And don’t forget about coupons in your Sunday paper.  Some stores will let you use their store coupon plus a manufacturers coupon. Double savings…woo hoo!

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