Christmas Cactus

Hello All,

We were at my parents this past weekend for the holidays and as usual my mom’s plants are in full bloom (the ones in season of course).  Her plants are the all blooming.  Needless to say we had a very rainy and gray Christmas Eve, but nothing a little Christmas cactus can’t brighten up.

The Christmas cactus is a beautiful plant that is pretty low maintenance and adds a ton of color.  My mom keeps her Christmas cactus outdoors all year except when it begins blooming around Thanksgiving.  These are also great plants for dividing and sharing.  If you don’t have one you can still run out and get them.












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    I bought one of these last year and it stopped blooming the minute I brought it home!!
    I have left in inside all year, where we get very little to NO full sun exposure. This could be the problem.
    If I left it outside (like your mom) mine would’ve been completely fried outdoors from drought and neglect.

    It does have a few buds coming these past few days… maybe I’ll get something out of it?



  1. […] Here are some photos of a Christmas cactus that had outgrown its pot.  I split it into 3 full plants and one pot of clippings.  The key thing to remember is to split the plant at the roots.  This plant was a gift from my mom, an offspring from her Christmas cactus.  You can see a picture of my mom’s Christmas Cactus (in full bloom) in this previous post, […]

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