Entertain the children

Over the holidays we stumbled across Barefoot Books.  They have amazing children’s songs set to video with accompanying books.  Nicholas loves the songs/videos and wants to watch them over and over.  He is not into TV shows yet, but loves music so I think that is why he likes them so much.  You can access […]

Christmas Cactus

Hello All, We were at my parents this past weekend for the holidays and as usual my mom’s plants are in full bloom (the ones in season of course).  Her plants are the all blooming.  Needless to say we had a very rainy and gray Christmas Eve, but nothing a little Christmas cactus can’t brighten […]

Get ready for the cold

It is that time of year where we have to deal with freezing temperatures. According to the weather, we might start seeing these freezing temps again Friday. No worries.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind. Cover your outdoor faucets Turn off your sprinkler system Make sure that your beds are watered prior […]

Kid’s Birthday Parties

We all love a good, the more the merrier style, birthday party.  However, what do you do with all the presents?  I have been to two birthday parties in the last 4 months where the request was for no gifts, but rather a charitable contribution.  Party 1 requested that we bring supplies for an after […]

Sugared fruit, anyone?

It is definitely Winter.  We are not experiencing super cold weather this week, but it is dreary.  I was flipping through a Better Homes & Garden magazine earlier this week as I impatiently waited to take my glucose test and ran across this beautiful fruit arrangement. This arrangement can serve multiple purposes; it can add […]

winter skincare

Good Morning All and Happy Monday! Last week was crazy as I’m sure many of you experience this time of year and all year for that matter.  I really missed this blogging thing. Here goes, This time of year we all experience dry skin due to the cold weather and from running the heater.  Babies […]

Get more bang for your buck

When you bring home your sweet baby you also bring home additional expenses.  Here are few ways to help ease the pain.   Take advantage of your diaper/wipes rewards program, both Huggies and Pampers have one. We use pampers and last year we were able to buy our holiday pictures. Join Babies R Us Rewards […]