You ask…why hen and chix?

Today is my Grandmother’s 98th BIRTHDAY!  And she is the reason for my love of hen and chicks.  I remember as a child outside my grandparent’s back door there was a flowerbed and on the edge of that flowerbed there was this random metal tub with very little dirt and inside that tub there were hen and chicks.

Hen and chicks are amazing succulents.  They do not freeze, they tolerate the heat and in the spring they bloom small white flowers.  If you knock a leaf off just stick it in the ground and there you will have another hen and chick.

My grandmother is an amazing woman.  At 98 she has seen the world change like most of us cannot understand.  Her dad brought her home a piano in their horse drawn carriage; until I was in high school I remember their phone being a party line.  A party line was in rural communities where multiple people shared the same phone line.  Yes, that is right you could pick up the phone and hear your neighbor’s conversation.  And she didn’t get her first air conditioner until the 1990’s (in South TX that’s a big deal).   In the midst of her very modest lifestyle she made her way to Europe with a group of girlfriends so she could experience different cultures.

My grandmother still has a very sharp mind even though her body isn’t what it used to be. She is a tiny woman at probably about 4’8” on a good day. The first time my husband met her she asked him to lean closer to her so he spoke loudly thinking she couldn’t hear him; she said, “honey I can hear you I just can’t see you.” Or when she met a group of my friends she would give them an identity so she could remember their names.  One of their last names is Honeycutt so she said, “sweet enough to spread on bread. And when offered a mimosa at a celebration rather than just saying pour me a little she said, “just enough to wet my whistle.”

Thank you grandma for being an amazing woman and for your love of gardening.

Happy 98th Birthday!

And that is why Hen and Chix (Chicks)…


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