Tis the season to give back

Throughout the year I frequently put on my mental to do list that we should schedule a family weekend to give back to the community.  Maybe habitat for humanity, adopt a family, serve food at a homeless shelter, etc.  However, it seems like the weekends book up and the year flies by and then it goes onto the mental list for the next year.

Yesterday I went with a group of friends to an apartment community where we served Thanksgiving dinner.  I didn’t get a good count, but there were probably 50ish in attendance both adults and children.  It was a pleasure.  The people were all very friendly and their children polite and well behaved.

The dinner took about two hours and I was able to help out others.  It was a great opportunity and I look forward to volunteering more in the near future.

Take some time this holiday season and help someone out.  It is good for the soul and you are helping someone.

Some charities you might look into include the North TX Food Bank, Metro Homeless Shelter, adopt from an angel tree or contact your local school or church for a family to adopt.

Here’s to making a difference!

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